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Why did the Celtics trade Center Kendrick Perkins for??? Better off for the Lakers!

Cal Poly vs Duke

Hopefully I’ll get to shoot some basketball games this year…only time will tell.  Cal Poly Pomona students watching their team play against Duke the Division I NCAA Champions at the BSC. The Broncos… Continue reading

Experimenting with Light, Part 2 of Infinite.

Remember that project I mention about a month ago, I did a blog post mentioning called Part 1 of Infinite, well here is part 2. This is more closer to the lighting effect… Continue reading

San Jose Vacation Randoms

Domo Milk

Experimenting With Light. Part 1 of… Infinite

Just some random shots with random toys around the house. Playing with a 20 degree grid and preparing myself for my upcoming project that I hope to have finished by the end of… Continue reading

Annenberg Space for Photography

Everyone should go to visit Annenberg, photographer or not. It’s free minus parking which they validate for $1 on weekends.


Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been really busy lately, but don’t the best is yet to come :]


Really good wedding photographer I read about in a magazine not too long ago Great photographer, powerful self-portraits. Great Stuff on this tumblr too.

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What a colorful bird. Took this in Sydney, Australia. Was looking at old pictures and found this one.